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Jay always went above and beyond to create awesome designs for clients. His designs always brought client’s visions to life. He has a great personality and gets along with everyone he works with.


Jay is a fantastic graphic designer with a keen eye for detail. His creativity, collaboration, and genuine excitement to see his clients succeed is unmatched. I’ve never seen Jay not be excited for a project that he took on, no matter how challenging. If you want top notch graphics from an incredible human being, look no further that Jay Miller!


Jay is truly one of a kind. He balances both superior creative insights and a humble work ethic. I was blessed to work with him and learn from his incredible creative experiences.


I had the pleasure of working with Jay cross-functionally for several years. Jay is an exceptional creative talent that has the skillset to thrive anywhere. Jay's skillset is wide and deep in relation to graphic design. From branding work, to social media graphic design - Jay's work is quality.
Not only does Jay have the skillset to successfully fulfill creative requests, but he also has amazing people skills. Jay is one of the more memorable people I've had the pleasure of working with. I must say that I naturally gravitated to Jay's positive energy and attitude.
I highly recommend Jay for Graphic Design creation and coordination without reservations.


Jay is one of the best when it comes to ideation, vision, and throughput. Jay and I worked on clients together when making the best use out of digital graphics for SEO and conversion rate purposes. He has an extensive thought process when it comes to what the user/viewer will interact with and makes the most out of his time when executing his designs.


Jay has an incredible eye for graphic design, suggestions for improved branding and creating a complete portfolio of graphics for a variety of clients. His graphics are top notch, his turnaround is quick and his communication and ability to work with a variety of clients is rare. Highly recommend Jay for any coordination of graphics for any marketing project.


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