Jay Miller has been an artist for 40 years, and a professional Graphic Designer for the past 17 years. A recent world trip influenced his design mastery and helped him hone his skills further. His success with corporations as an in house designer, and as a freelance / contract designer is sought after and reputable. Jay's creative pulse on design trends, his fluency in design styles & genres, and color expertise are all maintained and progressive. He is very passionate about all aspects of design versatility and client interaction. He has embraced the art of working and communicating with many types of people in a variety of work environments.

Experience & Proven Results!


Curated and directed the design of 6 wellness magazines as Publishing Creative Director for Integrative Medicine’s Dr. Andrew Weil in US and European markets.

Managed post production & graphic design projects for Universal, Hasbro films & Dimensions Films Hollywood.

Collaborator and designer for some of the country’s leading and most groundbreaking cannabis industry and lifestyle publications for the past 17 years including High Times Magazine


Evolved a mid-level revenue dispensary into top-tier functionality through brand development, Interior design and consumer experience within store - increasing annual revenue by 62%


Developed brand identity and company business strategy for athletic apparel line. Company success transitioned into fulfillment of B2B and B2C trade-show and offsite marketing.


Created websites for: GreenHub, Millerink, Cannabis Health News, Goodbuys, Honest Abe's Edibles, Mountain High Edibles, REMAG, Chaos Customs, Cores for Kids and Resumes 4 Success.


Consumer Brand & Marketing Development: Peak, Rare Dankness, Annie’s Edibles, Best Buds, CannaCaps, Essential Extracts, Mediphyzz, Green Tree, Medi-Mist, Honest Abe's Edibles, Mountain High Edibles, Epic Cure, Benz and Benjamin's Edibles and Colorado concentrates


Multifaceted marketing efforts for the Colorado Ballet's nationally acclaimed production of Don Quixote including brand creation and print deliverables, driving attendance up 34% from previous ticketed shows.


Created color theory executables and global palette building for Nike and Crocs Brands. Built awareness of current color trends, through fashion, art, design and sports-related products with market research to keep abreast of consumer needs.


Nationally publicized Ad creation for Wholefoods, Sprouts Market, Origins Estee Lauder, Hearst, South Metro Health Alliance, Fairfield Nodal, Schlumberger, Anadarko, Bobby Purify Training Camps, Veriant Technologies, Denver Geophysical Society, GRND, Cannabis Conservancy and Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group.