Jay Miller is a 25 year veteran of all things graphic design. He’s been successful with high-end corporations as an in-house designer, and as a freelance/contract designer. Jay’s creative pulse on design trends, his fluency in graphic styles and genres, and appropriation of color expertise are all maintained and progressive.


Jay’s experience is sought after and reputable.

In the past, Jay has worked with several well known companies such as: Condé Naste, Proctor & Gamble, Whole Foods, Time Warner, Hasbro, Dimension Films, Universal Films, Nike and Coca-Cola. He’s passionate about all aspects of graphic design versatility and client interaction. He has embraced the art of working and communicating with an array of client types, in a variety of work environments.

1. Curated as Creative Director the design of 6 wellness magazines as Publishing Creative Director for Integrative Medicines Dr. Andrew Weil in US and European markets.
2. Collaborated with teams and directors in post production & graphic design projects for Universal, Hasbro Films & Dimensions Films Hollywood.
3. Art Director for multiple CPG meal-kit product concepts and packaging solutions featured in all major grocers nationwide.

4. Highlighted as a top “Graphic Designer to Watch” on prestigious New York B2B design magazine - GDUSA

Personalization I bring to your projects:

1. I have the instinctive ability to exercise good judgment in manipulating the formal elements of visual communication such as contrast, scale, color, pacing, and typography. I am able to use them effectively to develop new and appropriate visual solutions to complex communications problems. Alternately, I am accustomed to fulfilling client projects based on existing branding documentation as required for visual coherence throughout all marketing channels.
2. My mastery of the current tools that are necessary to produce and implement these duties is expert level. My technical skills are ever evolving because design tools are constantly changing. Expert level knowledge of all industry tools used in digital design, including such programs as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop and others as applicable. As a  serious designer I must constantly work to expand these technical skills and stay on top of new developments, which I am eager to accomplish through ongoing training.
3. Upholding a solid set of interpersonal skills is mandatory. I am a good listener and a good verbal communicator, who is able to build and sustain positive and productive relationships with colleagues and clients. I establish and maintain mutual respect, and have a positive outlook under pressure. These affirmative qualities motivate others, and the work that is produced.  

4. I maintain first-rate business relations and communication. When advising clients, I clearly understand their business challenges and objectives, trends and options. On each new account, I come up to speed very quickly with savvy marketing and brand management prowess.